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Plain Crumbly Friselline


Little friselle

INGREDIENTS: soft wheat 00 flour, vegetable oil, natural yeast, salt.

Natural Friselle


INGREDIENTS: wheat flour type “00”, water, yeast, salt

Friselle integrals


INGREDIENTS : wholemeal flour, water, yeast, salt.

Altamura bread


This variety of bread is typical of the town of Altamura, from which its name derives. Altamura bread has been given the certification of Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOP), which means Protected Designation of Origin. This bread is a typical Apulian bread which is made from ground durum wheat flour. This bread is let rise naturally and is then baked in wood-fired ovens. It contains much gluten (up to 14%).

The availability of this bread is on request, as it should be tasted fresh.

Weight: around 1-1.2 kg.



Ingredients:  Durum wheat semolina, water

Storage conditions: In a cool, dry place

Kooking Package Shelf-life
12 min. G.500 24 month


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Leccina – Traditional 5L


This extra virgin olive oil is produced in the area of Massafra. It has a low free acidity which is obtained from direct and skilful pressing of olives produced in the territories of the ravines of Massafra, from carefully severely selected, Leccina variety.

Organoleptic features:
– lightly veiled appearance
– green coloured with gold yellow tone according to the ripening
– sweet and substantial taste
The most delicate quality of extra virgin olive oil, gold yellow coloured, sweet with a lightly tingle, excellent for raw dishes. The medium type, intense yellow coloured, has a pleasing taste and fits perfectly with steam and salt prepared dishes.

The most intense one, yellow and lime green coloured, has a fruity and lightly spicy taste and it is perfect with grilled and roasted dishes. 

Onions Pâté



A recipe that keeps the original taste of the traditional Pugliese cuisine. It becomes delicious on a simple slice of bread, not to mention that it is a useful ingredient to prepare focaccia bread, pizzas, panzerotti with capers and olives. It is perfecto to flavor a tomato puree, a peperonata or any kind of savoury tart.


Onions, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic vinegar, sugar, salt, vinegar. Corrector of acidity: citric acid. Contains: 270 ml.

Hot sauce



A bright mixture of ingredients with a hot and strong taste, designed to enhance any dish to which is the boundary. It is delicious with fresh cheese or on croutons, as starter or snack. It is also perfect inside sandwiches and meatloaf, giving them a particular hot taste. It is used to spice pasta or to garnish pizza too.


Hot peppers, dried tomatoes, eggplants, artichokes, mushrooms (Agaricus, Bisporus, Plerotus Ostreatus), capers, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, vinegar. Corrector of acidity: citric acid.

Polpa di Pomodoro


Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Sugo alla Caponata


Turnip Tops Seasoning


Ingredients: Turnip tops, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, onion, hot pepper, salt.
Corrector of acidity: citric acid. Contains: 270 ml.

Black Olives Pâté



A coarse mince obtained from a wise dosage of Pugliese black olives, that gives the pâté its aroma and its delicious taste. Not only it is perfect as a last minute condiment for pasta and risotto, but also with croutons as starter or snack, or any other kind of dish.


Black olives, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt. Corrector of acidity: citric acid. Contains: 270 ml.