Ricotta Forte


Ricotta forte is a smooth, creamy and spreadable cream-coloured variety of cheese. Its taste is spicy and savoury, its smell is strong but pleasant. Ricotta forte is a creamy cheese product.  It is produced in Central and Southern Italy.  Unlike fresh ricotta, ricotta forte stays edible for a longer time.

The first step in making of of ricotta forte is preparing fresh cheese from sheep milk (by adding rennet). After that, the curd is separated from the whey, cooked again thus obtaining the finished sheep ricotta. The name “ri-cotta” derives from the fact that the cheese is cooked twice (the Italian term ricotta literally means “recooked”).  Finally ricotta is pressed to obtain a soft paste, which is put into closed terracotta containers and then stirred daily to its complete acidification. At a later stage, it is conserved and packed into jars.

Ricotta forte has a particularly intense taste.  You can use it to add taste to your home-made pasta sauce,  or you can spread it on your bruschetta (toasted bread) seasoned with anchovies.  Moreover, it is perfect to stuff your fried panzerotti.

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