Typical Pugliese cacioricotta – The name 'cacioricotta' derives from the fact that the curd contains both milk casein and albumin.

Pugliese cacioricotta is made by heating cow milk to 90 °C . The curd is chopped up and separated from the whey. Then it is put into the dedicated molds (called 'fascere', i.e. 'strings') for the dripping and shaping process. After adding salt, Pugliese cacioricotta is left in fresh and airy rooms for 4 or 5 days. Finally it matures for about 4 months. At the end of the whole process, it is cylindrical and its weight may vary from a minimum of 200 g up to a maximum of 300g. The crust is straw yellow – tending towards light brown  depending on the ripening process – and it has some grooves on the surface. The paste is straw yellow too, and it can be soft, hard or semi hard depending on its thickness. It smells like milk and aromatic herbs. Its taste can be either delicate (if the product is consumed fresh) or savory if ripened for a long time.

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