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Spicy Caciocavallo Small


Apulian spicy caciocavallo (about 0.3 kg)

Spicy Caciocavallo is a typical Southern Italian type of cheese. The Italian name of the cheese caciocavallo means 'Cheese on horseback' and it is thought that the name derives from the fact that two cheese forms are always bound together with rope and then left to mature by placing them 'a cavallo', i.e. straddling, upon a horizontal stick or branch. Other people believe that the name of the cheese caciocavallo derives from the fact that, during the age of the Kingdom of Naples, they used to stamp a brand representing a horse on the cheese forms.

Apulian spicy caciocavallo is made from Podolica cows' milk. The milk from these free-range or semi free-range raised cows is particularly fine, as their diet is varied and they feed with strongly aromatic grasses which are typical of Southern Italy. In most cases caciocavallo is made in masserie (i.e. typical Apulian manor farms): our caciocavallo is made in our masserie located in Valle dei Trulli.

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