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VIOLANTE – Nero di Troia – Cantine RIVERA


Technical features
Grapes: Troia’s grapes 100%
Production area: vineyards of the northern area of Bari and Foggia
Altitude of the vineyards: 250 m. a.s.l.
Type of soil: clayey
Cultivation system: espalier
Stumps density: 3200 per Ha
Hectare production: 80/90 quintals of grape
Harvest period: end of October
Alcoholic fermentation: in stainless steel at 25 ° C
Malolactic fermentation:  completely carried out

Aging: in bottles for 3 months, store at 18 C° in dimly lit places.
Analytical data
Alchool: 13%
Acidity: 5.2 g/Lt
pH: 3.8
Dry extract: 27 g/L

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Protected Geographical IndicationNero di Troia 100%Grapes and vines: “troia” grape is one of the oldest and most characteristic of the central and northern area of Apulia, it might originate from Asia Minor (Troy) and arrived in Apulia during the Hellenic colonization, or its name may derive from the center of Apulia, in the province of Foggia.The wine-making: hand-harvested grapes are diraspate, crushed and fermented at 22-25 ° C with continuous pumping over to extract color, tannins and aromas.The wine: ruby red color with violet hues. Quite intense, its smell goes between spicy and floral notes, violet and pink. Passers-by tannins and nice length, it is best served at 16 ° C and accompanied the dishes of our traditional Mediterranean cuisine. 

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