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Grilled Peppers



Red and yellow grilled peppers are preserved in jars with capers and chopped onion: a celebration for colors and tastes! They could be served as starter or side – dish of meats or as garniture for pizzas.


Peppers, extra virgin olive oil, capers, onion, salt, vinegar. Corrector of acidity: citric acid. Contains: 270 ml.

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Peppers are highly recommended for their several features, their particular taste and the possibility of using them to make a lot of exquisite recipes. Their vitamin C content exceeds that of oranges! Moreover, they are a low calorific food, as the whole group of vegetables (unless you add bread, cheese, eggs, etc., as we do in our tasty recipe). They have a high water content and are rich in vitamins and mineral salts: phosphor, magnesium, calcium and iron in large amounts with few traces of sodium. 

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