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Black Olives Pâté



A coarse mince obtained from a wise dosage of Pugliese black olives, that gives the pâté its aroma and its delicious taste. Not only it is perfect as a last minute condiment for pasta and risotto, but also with croutons as starter or snack, or any other kind of dish.


Black olives, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt. Corrector of acidity: citric acid. Contains: 270 ml.

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Olives are an edible fruit of the olive tree which takes its origins in the Mediterranean basin: from the pressing of this fruit you can get olive oil, thanks to its organoleptic and nourishing features.  The process of maturation of the olives is different from the type of color, from green yellow, during development, to purplish black, when ripe. The olives are harvested when they reach the right spot become oily, antioxidant content and organoleptic properties.In the southern part of Italy, the harvest is between November and December, when olives reach their best size and they are full of oil. Once harvested, they are placed in perforated chests and moved to fresh and well – ventilated spaces: later, olives are taken to the mill and treated. 

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