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By popular demand, Odori e Sapori di Puglia is glad to recommend you the typical Pugliese recipe for polpette di pane (meatballs bread). In our website you can find the suggested high quality ingredients, such as tasty extra virgin olive oil, delicious Altamura bread and great amount of different sauces. Indulge in choosing the more tempting: Basil sauce, bell pepper sauce or piccantello olive sauce?

– 300 gr bread gut
– 30 gr grated pecorino
– 2 onions
– 500 ml Odori e Sapori di Puglia extra virgin olive oil
– 30 gr grinded parsley
– 2 jars of basil sauce or bell pepper and olives sauce
– eggs

Prepare the sauce by cutting onions very thin and adding them to the sauce, then cook it in a baking pan without added dressing. Once cooked, add the basil, a pinch of salt and oil and cook it again for 10 minutes. Break the bread gut into small pieces. NB: break gut must be at least two days old, it shouldn’t be neither too hard nor too soft. Whisk the eggs in a pan, together with salt, cheese and basil, then add bread gut and stir until the mixture get smooth. Prepare some little balls, press them and put them in boiling oil. Once cooked, serve them with the savory sauce.
Enjoy your meal, from Odori e Sapori di Puglia

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