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Pettole or Pittule are traditional Pugliese Christmas delicacy.
Made with very soft raised dough, fried on boiling oil, they could be combined with figue syrup, honey, cinnamon-flavoured sugar or, in its salty version, with salted codfish, olives, tuna fish and anchovies. Traditionally they are baked on Saint Cecilia’s day (November 22nd) or Immaculate Conception’s festival (December 8th) as our grannies taught us.

Ingredients (serves: 4)
– 500 gr flour
– 50 gr yeast
– 12 gr salt
– 300 ml warm water
– a large amount of Odori e Sapori di Puglia extra virgin olives oil
– ingredients of your own choice (eg: jam, honey, cooked wine…)

Knead flour, yeast, salt and warm water in a clay casserole by using a wooden spoon. Let it grow until some bubbles will appear on the surface. Now put a pan filled with a large amount of oil on the stove and let it heat. Afterwards, pull some little pieces of dough out of the previously raised block by using a fork. Place the jam you like (or anchovies, coldfish…) inside them and cook them in boiling oil thank to which they will become misshapen, light and soft little balls.
Pull them out of the pan by using a stick, spread some confectioners’ sugar on them and let them dry for a while on blotting paper, serve them warm.
If You prefer, you could pour some honey or cooked wine, instead of confectioners’ sugar.

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